Read how a Farmer single-handedly Trains And Empowers 20,000 Youths On Poultry Farming in Plateau State.

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A Northern poultry farmer, Bilyaminu Almustapha, trains and empowers over 20,000 youths in poultry farming in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.Bilyaminu is the owner of Mr. Biya Farms Nigeria Limited in Jos.

As an entrepreneur and a farmer Bilyaminu single-handedly sponsored the empowerment scheme as a way of reducing the menace of unemployed youths roaming the streets.

The training was carried out in the 4 local government areas which include Bassa, L.G.A, Barikin Ladi L.G.A, Mangu L.G.A and Shandam L.G.A of Plateau state, and it provided theoretical and practical training to someone hundred (100) young men and women on rearing broiler chickens.

While speaking with the newsmen on the empowerment scheme, Bilyaminu said “ The project is aimed at building young people’s skills so they can take their entrepreneurial development to the next level.

The purpose of the program is to provide support to young entrepreneurs, half of whom are women, in starting, strengthening and managing their poultry business”He also added that these will help young youths especially those living without any source of making a living in having a source of income, as well as help, take them off the street for good, enabling them to become contributing members to the economic development of not just their society but the state and possibly the country as well.At the end of the program, participants were given 12 chicks, 1.7 kg of poultry feed and one-month vaccines which will help them in practicing what they are being thought during the end of the scheme.


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