The unending menace of stepmothers.

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Have you ever wondered why some women will rather lay down their lives than to allow another woman to take care of their children by raising them? I’ll tell you why.

No woman really wants to leave her children in the hands of someone else to take care of, at times, not even the fathers are well trusted enough, due to some men’s negligence or laziness when it comes to taking care of children.

Most times situations forces certain decisions which many people never bargain for in life.

For example, no couple wants to take vows that will not last forever or, will want to go their separate ways after a short while. But one can also not run away from the fact that when a relationship has turned dead and efforts to revive such relationships has proven otherwise, then the issue of divorce sets in.

In Africa, it is believed that a child is better off in his father’s house, reasons being that the woman may establish another relationship which the presence of the children may hinder her from moving forward, again some men think by leaving the child with their mother, she will not handle them properly in terms of moral upbringing, while others separate the children out of share wickedness or as a form of revenge just to hurt her where it matters to her the most.

These are some of the reasons that made children remain in their father’s custody even when the woman is financially capable of taking care of the kids.

But today, there is this menace of “Stepmothers” which has sent so many children to an untimely grave as well as render them handicapped through various inhuman treatment by the woman who is supposed to be their mother, or have taken the place of their mother, Stepmother.

Some of these stepmothers go as far as using the worst kind of punishment, like the electric shock, hot iron, hot water as well as an acid bath on these innocent young ones just to get rid of them, or perhaps transfer aggression of some sort on the children.

While some suffer in silence, as their faith is determined by the intervention of God Almighty or some good neighbors who often leaked the information to the relevant authorities in order to rescue these young ones.

In most cases, the fathers of these children do little or nothing to stop the abuse on their children as they might also be nursing one grudge or the other with the said mother of the child and therefore the child is completely neglected, or he does not want to provoke or anger the stepmother for one or two reasons both known to him and so the children becomes more of slaves in their own fathers house.


1. Whenever there’s a divorce or separation from any relationship, there must be a consensus on who keeps the children and to what period of time, this is to enable the child to be of age in other to cater for themselves and not be subjected to any kind of abuse.

2. There should be a written agreement/ undertaking for the well being of the child(ren) to send a strong warning signal to both the father and the stepmother of a grievous punishment awaiting each of them should there be any molestation on any child.

3. Agree to position the children with either their paternal grandparent since in most cases they are in the best position to take care of those children lovingly.

4. Take those children to a boarding house where they can just focus on their education at least for the term, and during holidays, share the vacation amongst parents, that will ease the maltreatment as their stay with the stepmother will be limited.

5. Children should also have a say in decision regarding where to stay, their does not mean that any of the parent will be deprived of the rights over their kids. Bit It is just for the well being of the said children

Laws are meant to be followed and respected. It is high time as Africans and the world at large to really start adopting these laws and using them because child abuse is really on the increase especially in Nigeria today. Children are being subjected to a lot of dangers, abuse and deprivation by the people who are supposed to be protecting them.

Lastly, mothers should as a matter of urgency, take up the challenges of ensuring the safety of their children. Whichever way you chose to go about it, your child is your number one priority, protect them and give them a better future where they can be safe.

See photos of abuse children by their stepmothers.

His crime? Food

Because of food too and the stepmom did this to him.

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