Jos North Residence challenge Governor Lalong to finish abandoned road projects.

The governor of plateau state has been called upon by the residence of Jos north Local Government area, to try and complete the roads project which has been abandoned for almost a year now.

In an open letter to the governor written in hausa, a social media activist, senator Auwal Mashal challenged the governor to rise up to the work of road construction in some location comprising of Angwan Rogo, Andgwan Rimi, Bauchi Road ,new market, of the local government Area.

Auwal Marshal urges the governor to be just’ in his dealing with the people, Because, it has been that, the governor awarded the same contract along the British American road, and that one is at the stage of completion. Noting the bias treatment of marginalization among the people of the state.

Hausa write-up below


Gwamna Ka bada aikin Anguwan Rogo/Rimi tin mulkin ka na farko, har yau ba’a gama ba, sannan baka tambayi a ina aka tsaya ba, sannan baka bincike masu aiki ba.

An fara aikin British America kan jiki kan karfi da babban kamfanin. Aiki na ta tafiya ba kama kafar yaro.

Meyasa baza ka gama aikin Anguwan Rogo/Rimi ba?

Meyasa baza ka shigo kaga aikin da kace ka bayar ba?

Meyasa mutanen cikin gari baka damu dasu ba?

Meyasa kake Watsar da al’amuran mutanen cikin gari musamman bangaren Hausawa?

Kayi ma mutane adalci, soda Allah Zai tambaye ka!!!

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