Gender discrimination? Women are women’s own enemies.


The world is constantly trying to change the narrative of women when it comes to equal rights in society, given a fair share of hold holding political offices and the rest.
It is often said that you must respect and value yourself before others can do the same to you.

In today’s Nigeria, most times women are the problems of their fellow women irrespective of their background. When a woman is the head of an organization, she will make sure she frustrates her fellow women.

Women are always clamoring for positions, but give a woman a very little opportunity, she’ll make sure she frustrates the life out of her fellow women.

You may wonder what actually brought about the rant at this time of the day? Ok, I’ll surely tell you.

In the just postponed Saturday 16th election, corp members who applied to work as ad-hoc staff for the elections and actually got it. Some got the role of Presiding Officers POs, which is so far the highest rank, some assistant POs 1, 2 &3respectively. The disturbing aspect of the whole incidence was that the female officials were reportedly calling on the female corp members discouraging them from their roles as Presiding officers. They are not going for war for goodness sake, and it is not everyman wearing trousers that is a man, some women are far stronger at hearts than some men.

Over the years’ we have witnessed a lot of women who held some difficult positions which were supposedly meant for only men and they did such a wonderful job with it. Around the world, the likes of Dora Akunyili of blessed memories, Mrs. Ngozi okojo-Iweala Among others.

Also, there are so many women today who are making waves in their chosen fields. The Mo Abudu’s, the Linda Ikeji, the Genevieve Nnaji metal, in Nigeria where women are doing incredibly well and changing the narratives in every discipline so what are you worried about?

When it comes to politics, each time a woman is vying for any political office, ‘ it is the same women that will give her a bad name, you’ll hear things like “if not a prostitute how can a respectful woman be rubbing shoulders with men late at night? “. Or if it is a promotion at work, appointment or any other life-changing progress you’ll hear ” she must have slept her way to the top to get that” some will even add that “I feel sorry for her husband and children”.

My biggest question here is that, can’t women archive anything using her brains? Or most every woman lies on her back or use the Y letter in between her legs to get her fulfillment in life?

However, every woman should learn to be a pillar of support to her fellow woman rather than constantly trying to bring her down. From your own little capacity, give women the liberty to perform, and stop shouting for gender discrimination if you yourself are discriminating against yourselves.

I hope I did not come out too harsh? Drop your comment at the comment section so I can know your view

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